Cold Weather Gear

     With the arrival of snow and cold weather in Wisconsin, Talia’s been able to use the sled instead of the four-wheeler plus get accustomed to the all the rest of the gear needed to run dogs in twenty below temps. Thank you Wolfsong and all the other sponsors and donaters with whom I’m, as yet, unfamiliar. It isn’t like we don’t appreciate all the unnamed sponsors, it’s just that I don’t know all of them well enough to include them specifically. But, please click through to the sponsors page for a partial listing to see their names and contributions. Below are a couple I’m familiar with that provided musher clothing and dog booties, harness, and some other dog-related items I’ve yet to learn about. It’s been said that, by the end of all this, I’ll be most familiar with pooper-scoopers. YAY!

It Takes A Villiage

So, here’s a small sampling of some of the people helping Talia get to Alaska for the Jr. Iditarod and other races she’s going on. Just look at all that potential! I see 14 not counting the photographer. Just think, if you hooked everyone up to a sled, they’d be competitive! What a crew!

Training in Full Swing

The dogs are really loving all the excitement and adventure. They maybe don’t know they’re heading to Alaska January 6th, but they sure know how much fun it is to be out on the trail for 30-mile training trips. They are getting in real good shape and learning to listen a little better each day.

Press Release – Local teen musher trains to compete in the Alaska’s Jr. Iditarod, 2018

Local teen musher trains to compete in the Alaska’s Jr. Iditarod, 2018

Meet and greet planned for Talia Martens and her lead dog, Keisha, at Yappy Hour next Tuesday

Duluth, MN Talia Cismoski-Martens,16, from Brule, WI will hold a meet and greet for the public and press to officially announce her intention to compete in the 2018 Jr. Iditarod. The event will be held at the Boat Club Restaurant in the Fitgers Courtyard during Yappy Hour next Tuesday, August 29th at 6:00 pm.

The 150 mile Sled Dog Race starts near Willow, Alaska, is patterned after the Iditarod and is for mushers between the ages of 14-17. Youth mushers must have two references to qualify for the race. John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Champion Jamie Nelson is providing a reference and has been training and mentoring Talia and her team for months. Nelson states, “Talia has the work ethic to do this and now it’s up to her to not let up. She needs to eat, sleep and think dog training from now on”. Ryan Redington, of Moquah, WI (grandson of Joe Redington-Father of the Iditarod) is her second mentor and will also provide Talia with a reference.

Talia has four additional months of training before she competes in the Gunflint Mail Run in Grand Marais next January. She has competed in numerous regional races such as: The Bayfield Island Sled Dog Race, The Wolf Track Classic, Ely, MN and the eighty mile John Beargrease Jr. Race.

Talia is the daughter of Tim and Janet Martens. She has a younger brother, Morgan who is also a musher. She is a Junior at Northwestern High School where she competes in cross country and track, she is also a musician and cares for and trains her own dog team.

With the help of her father, they will make the 3100 mile drive to Alaska with the dog team. She will compete in the Willow Jr race as well as the Jr. Iditarod. Talia states, “This journey will challenge me and my team both mentally and physically. It will also deepen my relationship with the Creator of this beautiful world. I hope to be an example to other kids to pursue their dreams.”

Talia is seeking support from the community and corporate sponsors to make this quest possible. There will be a waffle breakfast and silent auction held on September 23 at the Mission Covenant Church, 5161 S Co Rd P, Poplar, WI, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. Talia has a website where her followers can get race updates and make a contribution.




Press Contact: JoAnn Jardine
Cell: 715-392-2747

Download PDF Copy of Press Release



The Race might be the easy part of this grand adventure…

Driving over 3000 miles to transport Talia, the Team, and Pit Crew from Brule, Wisconsin to Willow, Alaska is going to be quite a challenge. 5 drivers will leave in January through some of the most desolate highways in the world to train and compete in what has been Talia Marten’s dream since she first got on the back of a dog sled.

Once there, Talia will get right to work training for a 100 mile race on Valentines Day in preparation for the Jr. Iditarod race on February 24.

After all of the festivities are complete, the group will then drive BACK to their homeland another 3000 miles or so to get Talia back just in time to start thinking about the end of the school year and Prom festivities!

Join us for the Journey! You can help with costs by purchasing a Mile for Talia! The race is 150 miles and we are selling miles at $100 per mile to help with travel and other costs. A whole slew of events are also being planned, so stay tuned and Cheer on Talia’s Team to the Finish in Alaska!

Thanks for your support!