Dream Over… Trail Begins

A dream became reality this morning at 10:12am as Talia and the Team took to the trail of the 2018 Junior Iditarod. For over two years Talia, her family, and throngs of supporters from far and wide have kept this day in their minds eye. A bit of nerves for all of the Starting Line logistics, but Talia was keen to get on the trail and get this party started!!

A light snowfall in the morning after 4-6 inches of dry fluffy snow kept trail crew busy and will slow Teams a bit, but all in all it was a perfect start to a winter wonderland. (One that Alaskans have been waiting for for literally years!!!)

Once she arrived, Talia had interviews to give, dogs to feed, and of course official checks of the sledbags and equipment. Trackers were affixed to the sled as well to keep us in the action over the next 18 hours or so.

Teams will head out for 75 miles and take a 10 hour layover and then race back to Willow for the finish line sometime tomorrow.

At this hour Talia’s tracker was a bit erratic, so as much as we would like to armchair quarterback, we will just have to wait and see the official times into the Yentna Station halfway point.

Here are some photos from the Start! GO Team Talia!