Doggo Hotel Up and Running

It has been a busy day for Team Talia. Titanium Talia and her dedicated father Tireless Tim tacked together a “gypsy dog yard” at Michael and Christine Stitt’s place up near the summit of Hatcher Pass in Willow, Alaska. Two local mushers, Marshall “The Donator” Cogdill and Jenny “The Giver” Evans who, along with the Stitts’ contribution from their dormant yard where, at one time, 50 dogs lived, provided sturdy housing to create the new Dog Central for Talia’s team. It all came together in fine Alaskan style. Snapped some pics around the place to give the feel of this snow-covered paradise. Next Sunday Talia goes to Cantwell, AK to begin her 500 mile training run. In the meantime the team is settling in nicely.

Bear on top of his new pad.
Doggos yelping their welcome to the new digs.
Windy in full winter regalia.