Streeper Haven

Fort Nelson, BC is about halfway. Billeted at Terry & Debbie Streeper’s lovely home. Such fantastic hosts. Debbie spread three fantastic meals out while Terry taught three concurrent seminars on dogs and mushing based on his 40 years of experience. Son Bud is preparing to go to Wyoming for races there. Handlers Alex from Copenhagen and Suzanne from northern France helped and showed me a few pooper-scooper tricks. Alex looks like a movie star, Dolph Lundren I believe. Suzanne looks like Tina Fey. Barrel chested Terry looks like a wizened grizzly. The Streepers say the team looks real good. They’re impressed with Talia’s dog care. It is snowing here in BC now. Talia took the team out for a cold 16 mile jaunt with Terry showing the way on an Arctic Cat sled. Tim took up the rear on a Scandia. The dogs were raring to go and looked up for more upon their return. After hydrating them (Note use of musher lingo here.) boxing them and lunch we bid a sad farewell to these most hospitable folks and headed for the mountains of the Northern Rockies.