The Race might be the easy part of this grand adventure…

Driving over 3000 miles to transport Talia, the Team, and Pit Crew from Brule, Wisconsin to Willow, Alaska is going to be quite a challenge. 5 drivers will leave in January through some of the most desolate highways in the world to train and compete in what has been Talia Marten’s dream since she first got on the back of a dog sled.

Once there, Talia will get right to work training for a 100 mile race on Valentines Day in preparation for the Jr. Iditarod race on February 24.

After all of the festivities are complete, the group will then drive BACK to their homeland another 3000 miles or so to get Talia back just in time to start thinking about the end of the school year and Prom festivities!

Join us for the Journey! You can help with costs by purchasing a Mile for Talia! The race is 150 miles and we are selling miles at $100 per mile to help with travel and other costs. A whole slew of events are also being planned, so stay tuned and Cheer on Talia’s Team to the Finish in Alaska!

Thanks for your support!