Off they go!


Well after a flurry of last minute packing, the dogs, musher and chauffeurs hit the road at 9:00 AM.  We usually work well under pressure and that was the case last night.  Talia collected a large donation of harnesses, doggy jackets, booties, snaps and collars from Windigo, her beaver mitts from Celeste in Tripp,  Chris Evavold (sled maker at Black River Sleds) altered the sled bag, Heather at Idea Design (donated all our PR stuff) pulled the sponsor banner and sponsor decals hot off the press for Talia.  Phoebe sewed some furbutt ruffs for the dogs (as me about this later), Amy brought dinner, Joann took photos, Brandon changed the oil in the truck and finished the outriggers on the truck, Mike went shopping for diesel cans.  Maria Lockwood stopped by for an interview for the Evening Telegram. Talia had a wonderful day at school and they gave her a good luck announcement and shoot for the stars talk by the principal, Mark Carlson and Mrs. Kroll. Morgan scooped poop, and played with the dogs. Tim hauled lots of firewood and then stayed up all night packing. Whew! Then this morning he pulled the neighbors car outa the ditch.  I know I was on my feet all day doing something all the time, but it’s hard to summarize my activities.  Twin Gables Restaurant and the Cenex station put up Good Luck signs for Talia.  John Wallace of Bethel, Alaska (I love that town!) set up a travel tracking device on this site so we can watch them drive from the comfort of our home. Gunnar Johnson called to wish us safe travels too and they will meet up with him and Jim Lanier next week in Willow, Alaska. As a grand finale, 10 friends from Poplar Mission Covenant Church came over to pray for safe travel and wise choices.

I’m sorry if I missed anyone who helped us get outa Dodge in the Dodge. Speaking of missing someone, I already miss Talia, Tim, Mike, Austin, Bear, Bandit, Bark, Diesel, Janessa, Keisha, Moses, Oreo, Radar, Random, and Scrabble. Love you ALL!

Wow!  We are humbled by all the love, encouragement, and generosity of everyone who joined Talia’s dream in going to the Jr Iditarod.  This begins phase 6 of the journey.  I’ll fill you in on what the other phases are at the next update.

I’ll add few photos when I get that feature figured out.