Ask any Musher about how they did in a race and position is never as important as finishing. Dog care is always the primary consideration and Talia’s race was a true mark of that goal. Happy dogs and a tired Talia crossed the 2018 Jr. Iditarod Finish line at 3:53pm. The 8 dogs still in harness were wagging their tails and howling which is the mark of a truly happy and healthy Team. All of the Teams crossing the line looked fantastic and is truly a tribute to the dog care by the Teams and the training by people such as Jim Lanier, Iditarod veteran, who coached Talia while she was in Alaska.

Talia has a fan base reaching far and wide, but many were back at home in Wisconsin watching the tracker and wishing to be at the Finish line. About 20 folks showed up at the line to cheer Talia and the Team into Willow after the 150 miles on the trail.

Talia was a little sleep deprived and thirsty, but none the worse for wear over the trail. She had a great time and wishes to thank everyone who supported her dream come true. It wasn’t done in a vacuum and we all recognize all of your support and love.

Here are the photos from the finish. Congratulations to 2018 Champion Bailey Schaefer and her parents for a great win!