Into Yentna Station

Yentna Station

Talia and the Team are doing a great job out on the trail. They were into the halfway point of Yentna Station about 7:45pm this evening.

All tolled, that is about a 9 hour run or so to the halfway point and a 10 hour layover. The Teams are in pretty close competition on the trail and many Teams are within just a few minutes of each other.

If it took 9 hours to reach the halfway point and Teams have a 10 hour layover, here is the calculation for Finish:

Yentna Station IN Time- 7:45 (19:45)

Out Time (After 10 hour layover) 5:45am

Add 9 hours to that run to get 14:45 or 2:45pm.

We will see how it goes on the trail to Willow which is a bit different than the trail out from Knik.

Get some rest, Talia! Go Team Talia!