Race Day- A Spectator Sport

Race day is here and Talia is readying the Team for the day ahead. For a rookie musher, race day can be pretty nerve wracking, but with a couple of races under her belt in the last month, Talia will have a pretty good idea of what needs to happen.

Dog sled mushing has come such a long way “down the trail” for spectators and fans. In the early days the Teams took to the trail and fans went back to headquarters to wait for news in whatever way it came. In the earliest days ham radio operators would pass checkpoint times back to “HQ”. Then fax became the mode of communication. Headquarters had a leaderboard and if you wanted to keep up with what was happening, you had to be there to look at the times and keep track in your head who was leading, how much rest they had, and who you thought was the true leader (You can’t SORT a handwritten leaderboard!)

It was great fun because there was always someone there to talk with and eat plenty of the food and coffee that was always part of headquarters.

Nowadays mushing has become an “armchair” spectator sport and we miss out on those fun headquarter times, but what we get is almost a “horserace” sport where we can see in real time who is leading and what is happening. The Tracker has really brought dog sled mushing into its own and makes it very exciting.

Click here to launch the tracker!